Sunday, January 3, 2016

Whale's Cute Pond

Look, look!
There is a whale swimming in my pond~
The maker of this cute things is Phatty
and as adopter I have to put it in a pond, a cute one 

You can imagine anything about how to display your amigurumi
Not just sit in your shelf, you can hang it too~

Monday, June 8, 2015

Mori Girl Backpack


This time I really happy to show you my latest sewing product~~

Mori girl backpack !!
I always fascinated with natural style of mori girl fashion. Sooo this is my backpack design~
With brown color of sack and cute lace as its main point, I think this would be perfect of forest girl out there~

Maybe next post I will show you the tutorial of making this rucksack backpack. Actually this concept is reaallllyyyy simple but there are many of details that you have to concern with.

Seee yaaa~

Embroidery Hoops - Wall Hanging


This time i want to share my latest craft~
This weekend I already busy with some of craft projects. I want to make a lot of things but I just have my weekend to do it *cry*.

Sooo this is the first trial of embroidery hoops. Actually i never did any embroidery things, but this colorful embroidery hoops makes me want to use it as a frame of my used pattern fabric.

Really cuutee isnt it?

Maybe next time I will buy alot of hoops. By the way, the price of this hoops is really cheap. You can buy around 6K rupiah for small one (6 cent) and 8K for the big one (8 cent)

Friday, January 16, 2015

Bone Hairclip

Hi, everyone!
Long time no post :')

Okay, currently I'm into clay (noob alert!)
I made one that I can actually use (at least when I'm home).

It's the Bone Hairclip!
It's straight from my Instagram lol.

Too bad I didn't take picture of every step, so I made an illustrated tutorial in PDF for you guys (and girls)!
Here some sneak peek:

The fun thing is you don't need exquisite tools (I don't have one anyways...) so YAY!
Enjoy the tutorial by clicking the link here ヽ(゚ー゚ヽ)

If you have any question, tell me. I might be able to answer it *sweats*
AND if you'd be so kind to stop at my Instagram (@melurharis) - that's awesome.

That's all for now
Have a nice day, everyone! 

Friday, December 5, 2014

White Forest Accessories

Ame here~

After busy with papers, I want to show you my handmade accessories.
Recently I take interest in Mori Girl couture and maybe later I will try to sew some clothes that inspired by nature.
Before that, here it is the easiest way to create your own necklace, choker, brooch, even PeterPan collar!

You don't have to sew something, you just need:

  • Lace with different size
  • Chain
  • Hook for jewelry 
  • Charm 

Try to be creative with flower brooch, charms, and beads~

Here is mine~

 One full set of handmade white forest accessories~

Bunny Taxodermy Wall Hanging

Ame again here~

This time I want to share something other than sewing~

I love papercraft, and there are many of papercraft projects that I want to finish.
While searching for interior decoration for my room, I found this incredibly artsy folded taxodermy. Actually, there are many kind of the taxodermies, but I found bunny head and deer head is the cutest of all.

 If you want to do it by yourself, here are some links to the paper pattern.You can just print it on A3 paper.

Bunny Head

Deer Head

This is mine~~

Cuutee isn't it?

Monday, December 1, 2014

Ribbon Label Stickers

Hello again everyone!
I'm sharing more printable!
It's called Ribbon Label Stickers - because they're labels!

You need:
♥ Ribbon Label Stickers pdf - its size is A6, get it here
♥ Sticker paper - just print on it!
♥ A pair of scissors

1. Print the sticker and you'll get something like this:
2. Cut them - snip snip!
3. It's pretty much done! As you can see, I sticked the blue one already lol.
4. Enjoy your new labels!

Hope you like it ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ
Any comments and suggestions are very much welcomed 
Happy printing!